Titles in this Series

La intrusa

Item #: 11369

"La otra historia de Rosendo Juarez"

Item #: 11370

La muerte y la brujula

Item #: 11371

El evangelio segun San Marcos

Item #: 11372

Emma Zunz

Item #: 11373

El sur

Item #: 11374

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It is through his short stories that Jorge Luis Borges best demonstrates what has come to be called the Borgesian principle: the potential for convergence and harmony that exists between the acts of reading and writing, remembering and imagining, reasoning and dreaming. A blend of narrative economy and metaphysical speculation involving many of Borges’ classic themes, this six-part series of dramatized fictions leads viewers into the realm of the surreal, where anything is possible—and even likely. An RTVE Production. 6-part series, 54-61 minutes each.

Item#: BVL11368

ISBN: 978-0-7365-6414-4

Copyright date: ©1993

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