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Introduction: Women in the Combat Zone (01:08)


The following video will discuss the experiences of U.S. service women who fight on the front lines in the historically male military establishment. This video contains disturbing images.

Women as Officers (01:34)

Koppel describes when he first realized that women had become an integral part of the U.S. military. They are only excluded from direct offensive ground combat.

Abu Ghraib Guard--Lynndie England (01:38)

Author Joshua Goldstein is surprised at women's integration into the sexualized abuse of the enemy. SNL lampoons the incident. (Disturbing images of abuse)

Women Soldiers Captured & Killed (01:42)

The Iraq war saw the first women soldiers as POWs and the first death of a woman soldier, Michelle Witmer--one of three sisters serving in the military.

Unit Cohesion (01:38)

Bonding happens among women soldiers as well as men. The feeling begins in boot camp. The Pentagon says women are essential to the Armed Forces.

Purple Heart Recipient Teresa Broadwell (02:43)

Gunner, in the 194th MP Company, Broadwell describes trying to rescue fallen Americans during a shootout in Karbala, Iraq.

MP Jobs Not Limited (01:55)

Men and women train together for service as MPs. Women MPs were involved in every mission of the Iraq War.

Mothers in the 194th (02:15)

Correspondent Deborah Amos sits down with women who leave their young children with family members in order to serve in the Army.

Wave of Wounded (01:22)

The only woman in her county and family to go to war, Christie Chappell returned home with injuries. The townspeople make her feel like she may have let them down.

Feelings of Regret (01:42)

Christie Chappell's family visits her at a military hospital. Her husband discusses not being able to protect her and her mother comments on how she is changed.

Memories of Combat (01:51)

Christie Chappell recalls being terrified when she first crossed the border into Iraq and saddened for all the children. She suffers sleepless nights dreaming about it.

Going Forward (00:49)

Christie Chappell is putting the Iraq War behind her and beginning college. She has no regrets and is proud of her service.

Iraq War Update (00:27)

Ted Koppel reports on the latest attacks on American soldiers in Iraq.

Credits: Women in the Combat Zone (00:17)

Credits: Women in the Combat Zone

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In places where the military grapples with insurgents, servicewomen and servicemen alike face the very real risk of injury or sudden death by ambush, booby trap, or sniper fire. In this ABC News program, correspondent Deborah Amos reports on the experiences of U.S. servicewomen in Iraq and how, by their ever-growing presence in the armed forces, they are reshaping the historically male military establishment. (22 minutes)

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