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Fundamental Issue of Automation (03:37)


Henderson describes the shift to automation and its acceleration. The fundamental issue is how will human workers compete?

Second Intelligent Species (06:28)

Bushnell describes why NASA is interested in automation and job loss. He suggests automation will impact areas of human limitations.

Fate of Human Beings (06:20)

Henderson discusses a guaranteed minimum income. Bushnell describes the fate of human beings as automation takes over.

Decentralizing an Economy (04:24)

Henderson describes the economic transition as automation emerges as a dominant force. Bushnell discusses the cost of renewable energies and fossil fuels.

A New Economic Structure (04:55)

Bushnell discusses the shift to renewable energy and its connection to climate consciousness. Henderson talks about internalizing costs in asset management.

Communication Revolution (01:48)

Bushnell discusses the economic changes Europeans felt as they transitioned to renewable energy sources. He describes the advent of a communication revolution.

Credits: Robots Taking Over: What Will Humans Do? Ethical Markets 6 (01:16)

Credits: Robots Taking Over: What Will Humans Do? Ethical Markets 6

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Robots Taking Over: What Will Humans Do? Ethical Markets 6

Part of the Series : Ethical Markets 6: Beyond Economics
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NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell and futurist Hazel Henderson explore the advance of automation as more and more sectors of industrial societies are digitized: from manufacturing to retailing, accounting, healthcare, education, legal services, and even finance. They discuss emerging alternatives such as worker-owned companies; cooperative enterprises; and guaranteed basic incomes now enacted in Brazil, Mexico, and proposed in Switzerland, Europe, and the USA.

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