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Programming the Human Experience (03:14)


Henderson questions what will happen to human societies when machines take over? Drones can currently cause harm beyond any human control.

Artificial Intelligence (04:00)

Bushnell describes the existential threat AI poses to society. He links the evolution of the human brain to the progress in technological advancements in computer software and engineering.

Global Brain (03:47)

Google is currently a global brain structure. Bushnell describes the difference between a global brain and artificial intelligence. Henderson explains the necessary decrease in human consumption of electricity for machine intelligence.

Morality & Ethics (04:11)

Henderson suggests that Google servers and the like are thermodynamically disastrous. Bushnell discusses the ethical dilemma for driver-less automobiles.

Human Disemployment (04:27)

Henderson brings up the issue of deskilling the human workforce with the advent of artificial intelligence. Bushnell claims 85% of safety problems in aeronautics are human factors.

Advent of Prosumers (04:26)

Henderson discusses the dangers of robot financial advisors giving people advice on portfolios. She describes the block-chain payment system as a genuine innovation.

Path Through Transition (03:37)

Bushnell discusses the complex politics in money creation and credit allocation. He points to a larger issue of income disparity. Henderson comments on the current transition period of the American economy.

Credits: Artificial Intelligence: What Happens As Machines Take Over? Ethical Markets 6 (01:04)

Credits: Artificial Intelligence: What Happens As Machines Take Over? Ethical Markets 6

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Artificial Intelligence: What Happens As Machines Take Over? Ethical Markets 6

Part of the Series : Ethical Markets 6: Beyond Economics
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NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell discusses with futurist Hazel Henderson the new alarms raised by Bill Gates, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Space-Ex and Tesla’s founder Elon Musk and physicist Stephen Hawking that intelligent machines like IBM’s Watson may soon outsmart humans. While futurists envisioned “leisure societies,” shorter work weeks, guaranteed basic incomes and flowering of culture, art and human potentials – what we got was unemployment, stagnant wages and longer work hours.

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