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Future of Education: Introduction (01:36)


Hazel Henderson identifies factors that are changing the landscape of education in the U.S. including rising tuition costs and MOOCs. She introduces Dr. William Abare.

Massive Open Online Courses (03:34)

At Flagler College, Abare is concerned about college costs and aware of new educational developments. He considers why schools like MIT, Harvard, and Georgia Tech are engaging in MOOCs.

Why do Big Name Colleges Offer Online Courses? (06:14)

Henderson cites two examples where online courses started with professors— Stanford and Khan Academy. Abare states that schools with huge endowments will continue to do well. He considers the economic side of offering online courses, the accreditation of MOOCs, and the future of technology.

University Business Plan (04:34)

Henderson discusses a consortium's interest in content created by Ethical Markets Media. She and Abare consider the use of green bonds, and how business plans will change for large colleges.

College Experience (03:32)

Henderson considers the atmosphere at Flagler College. Abare says that it is difficult for MOOCs to emulate leadership experiences and the social dimension. He discusses the evening program at Flagler.

Inequality and Education (03:48)

Henderson states that the biggest problem to obtaining a higher education is access; she shares a story about her grandson's cost of education. Abare says we have to separate obtaining a course completion certificate and the college experience.

How do We Provide Access to Less Fortunate Students? (03:05)

Abare cites "The Innovative University;" you cannot increase access and quality at the same time. He discusses the role of public education funding and community colleges.

Credits: The Future of Education: Ethical Markets 6 (01:29)

Credits: The Future of Education: Ethical Markets 6

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The Future of Education: Ethical Markets 6

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In this film, Ethical Markets Media President Hazel Henderson and Flagler College President Dr. William Abare discuss growing challenges to education: costs rising faster than inflation, students bearing $1.2 trillion in loans while facing disruptive technological changes, and job markets shifting globally. How are traditional colleges challenged by massive open online courses (MOOCs) such as Khan Academy and millions of students learning free online? How can the benefits of campus-based education be extended to include more students and help counter growing inequality?

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