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College Rape (02:38)


One out of every five women are sexually assaulted in college in the United States. This is the story of a woman who was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend.

Rape by a Significant Other (02:57)

While staying at her boyfriends house the victim took sleeping pills in order to get to sleep, and was assaulted.

Reporting the Assault (02:43)

After learning about the sexual assault she sought help through the college, and then through the police.

Getting a Confession (02:36)

The victim and the police set up the recording devices in order to help get a confession from her assailant.

The Arrest (03:35)

The assailant is arrested, without resistance. He confesses to everything and faces serious jail time.

Life After Rape (01:44)

Niki requests that he serves no jail time, so he receives probation instead. She starts to move on with her life through music.

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Campus Confidential: Southern Oregon University Program Helps Student Who Was Raped Find Justice

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By some estimates, nearly one in five women are sexually assaulted on college campuses every year, and many schools are under fire for the way they handle these crimes. But Southern Oregon University hopes to become a national model for how to investigate and adjudicate rape on campus. SOU’s “You Have Options” is a unique program that works to break down the barriers so many victims face -- guaranteeing confidentiality, giving victims the choice to proceed with a criminal or campus investigation, and most importantly partnering closely with local law enforcement to ensure perpetrators are held accountable. Niki, who was raped by her boyfriend during her junior year, speaks candidly to “20/20” about the school’s “You Have Options” program, which she says saved her life. ABC Correspondent Cecilia Vega also speaks to school administrators and the lead detective in Niki’s rape case.

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