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Agatha Christie's Early Life (02:02)


Christie, had no formal schooling, but she taught herself to read. At 18, she begins writing stories and sending them to magazines. Her stories are rejected.

Agatha Meets Archie (02:58)

In the early 1900s, women from wealthy families are expected to become wives and mothers. Agatha meets Archie Christie, a man with no family or inheritance. Agatha's mother disapproves.

World War I Begins (03:45)

War breaks out in Europe in August 1914. Archie Christie is one of the first pilots to fight. He returns on leave and Agatha marries him in secret.

World War I Nurse (02:22)

Agatha Christie enrolls as a nurse in World War I. She is introduced to the world of medicines and with it, poisons. Poisons would become a reoccurring murder weapon in her stories.

Christie's Story and Character Development (03:27)

Hear about Agatha Christie's writing process and the development of one of her most beloved characters, Hercule Poirot. The detective was featured in 33 novels and 54 short stories.

Professional Triumph for Christie (04:01)

Agatha Christie becomes a mother. Her first book is published and is successful. She struggles with motherhood.

Christie Creates a "Masterpiece in Misdirection" (02:25)

In 1926, Christie publishes "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd." The novel features an unreliable narrator, Poirot's assistant, who by the end of the story confesses to murder and commits suicide. Christie receives praises from fans and disapproval from other detective writers.

Problems in the Christie Household (03:04)

Despite her mother's advice, Agatha Christie devotes all of her time and attention to her writing instead of her husband. Her mother dies. Archie Christie has an affair and asks for a divorce.

Agatha Christie's Public Breakdown (04:05)

In the wake of her mother's death and Archie's affair, Agatha Christie disappears. The public closely follows the story and many wonder if Archie is responsible. She is found 200 miles away from home, going by the name of his mistress.

Christie Faces Writer's Block (00:59)

Agatha Christie is forced to continue writing to support herself. She writes "The Mystery of the Blue Train," but esteems it as her worst book.

Agatha Christie Seeks a New Beginning (03:59)

Agatha visits Mesopotamia and travels the Orient Express. She meets archaeologist Max Mallowan and they marry. She travels with him on his archaeological digs and finds inspiration for her work.

World War II Begins (02:30)

In September 1939, Britain and France declare war on Germany. Agatha Christie works as a nurse and finds inspiration for her writing. Between 1939 and 1945 she writes 17 books.

Christie develops Miss Marple (03:02)

Agatha Christie begins to dislike her Poirot character. She brings back Jane Marple, a character she had introduced early in her career. Miss Marple becomes a fan-favorite.

Agatha Christie Becomes a World-Famous Author (03:58)

By 1950, Christie is a global writing phenomenon. She writes her first play, "The Mousetrap." Hollywood gets in on the success and makes movies and television series based on her work.

Agatha Christie's Death (02:16)

Agatha outlives her character, Poirot. London's West End theatre honors the author, when at the age of 86 she dies.

Mary Westmacott Novels (02:01)

Agatha Christie publishes 6 novels, beginning in the 1930's under a pen name. The novels speak of lost love and the desire for affection. They tell the inside story of the author who had sought to keep her life private from her fans.

Credits: Agatha Christie: Extraordinary Women (00:47)

Credits: Agatha Christie: Extraordinary Women

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This series, featuring archive interviews and dramatic re-enactment, reveals the price iconic women of the 20th century paid for their achievements. This documentary examines the career of English crime novelist, short story writer, and playwright, Agatha Christie. Revered as "The Queen of Murder Mystery," Christie is responsible for The Mousetrap, the longest continuously running play in history, has had her stories made into movies and television shows, and is one of the most beloved detective novelists in the world. Her classic "who-done-it" twist was introduced in her novel The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. A BBC Production.

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