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Electricity Records For Forensic Science (02:02)


Electricity records can be used as evidence in forensic science. Electrical currents act as a sort of fingerprint. Reporter Mark Miodownik visits the National Grid.

Phone Call Forensic Test (03:14)

Reporter Mark Miodownik records a phone call. An analyst uses software to trace the date and time of the call within a few minutes.

Latest Uses for Magnets (04:44)

Take a look at a new way to clean up oil spills with magnets. Daro O'Brien and Mark Miodownik play with ferro fluid.

Microbes on the Body (03:49)

Take a look at close-up images of the body as Dara O'Briain describes the vast amount of microbes in all of us. Scientists are finding more and more diseases that are caused by microbes in the gut.

Gut Microbes Alter Mood (02:06)

Professor John Cryan explains the vagus nerve and how bacteria in the gut communicates with the brain. He has tested this on rodents and has found that certain microbes in reduce stress.

Microbes in the Future (01:32)

Listen to a panel discussion on the microbiome. Will there be microbes that can someday to help with depression? How do microbes in the gut impact likelihood for stroke?

Diet Impacts on the Microbiome (02:46)

Reporter Alok Jha gets his feces tested. A panel discusses the importance of a balanced diet. Research suggests microbes in the gut may lead to diseases.

Unsung Scientist Hall of Fame (01:35)

The Work of Harold Edgerton is celebrated. Take a look at high speed photographs. Hear a brief introduction to the upcoming discussion.

Nanotechnology Basics and Future (03:02)

Professor Molly Stevens describes the different ways to understand nanotechnology. She shows new material made with nanoscience.

Nanotechnology Research (04:15)

Scientists are looking to nature for inspiration in nanoscience. Reporter Mark Miodownik looks at a surface, inspired by the lotus leaf and engineered at the nanoscale to create a hydrophobic effect. He threads nanotube fibers.

Refractive Index (03:04)

Take a look at the history of invisibility in movies. The measure of bend in the change in speed of light is the refractive index. Reporter Mark Miodownik shows beads that are almost invisible in water.

Whiskey Science Experiment (03:52)

Mark Miodownik shows how light can be used to detect counterfeit whiskey. He shines a laser through the liquid and a computer uses that information to detect the whiskey's brand, age, and cask.

Synthetic Vaccines (04:11)

A synthetic vaccine is created using the one of the world's most powerful microscopes. Using the structure of the virus, a team builds a vaccine in the same shape as a virus, but without the infectious material.

Vaccine Panel Discussion (02:27)

Listen to a panel discussion on the future of vaccines. Synthetic vaccines can be turned out much faster than they had before.

Panel Experiments (02:38)

Dara O'Briain brings a Geiger counter into the panel discussion. He tests several items with uranium and radium. He tests hydrophobic spray on shoes and a Kindle.

Belly Button Test (02:00)

Dara O'Briain's reporters have their belly buttons tested for bacteria. Most results are standard, although O'Briain's are unusual.

Credits: Invisible Worlds: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (Series 2) (00:46)

Credits: Invisible Worlds: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (Series 2)

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Dara O Briain's Science Club combinesstudio discussions featuring some of the world’s most eminent scientists, with experiments, studio demonstrations and film reports of cutting-edge science stories. This episode takes a look at microbiomes, nanoscience, invisibility, and the mysterious world around us. Science Club explores the ideas that are transforming our lives and our understanding of the world. A BBC Production.

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