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Slaughter at the Farm: Countdown to Murder: Introduction (01:32)


Jeremy Bamber shot his parents, sister, and twin nephews in August 1985. This segment orients viewers to Bamber's actions and personality with excerpts from the program.

Motive for Murder (03:08)

In April 1985, Bamber learned he would inherit less than half of his parent's estate. Farm Secretary Barbara Wilson discusses the Bamber family dynamics and Jeremy Bamber's unhappiness.

Bamber Family (01:59)

Nevill and June Bamber were pillars of their community. They adopted Sheila who became a model; Jeremy Bamber left school in 1978 and worked his way around the world. Sheila was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic.

White House Farm (02:24)

Bamber returned to Essex in 1980 and started dating Julie Mugford. In 1984, Nevill convinced Bamber to work the farm; he grew increasingly unhappy.

Strained Family Relationship (03:30)

In 1985, Sheila lived in a London paid for by her parents, increasing Bamber's resentment. Bamber wanted a playboy lifestyle in London; he expressed his displeasure with life to friends. Wilson recalls Bamber's behavior when he came to White House Farm.

Bamber Provokes His Parents (03:26)

In March 1985, Bamber persuaded Mugford to help him rob the caravan park; experts discuss Bamber's thought process. Caffell's mental health deteriorated and Mr. and Mrs. Bamber considered moving her and the children to White House Farm. In April, Bamber discovered he would inherit half of his parent's estate.

Planning Murder (03:31)

Wilson recalls Nevill Bamber's worry he would die in a shooting accident. In May 1985, Bamber told Mugford he was going to shoot his family and blame it on Caffell.

Family Tension (03:12)

Caffell and her children arrived at White House Farm in August 1985. The family argued over the children moving to the farm. Bamber drove home and told Mugford he was thinking about murder.

Family Murder (03:57)

On August 7, 1985, Bamber returned to White House Farm and murdered his parents, sister, and nephews, and arranged the murder scene.

Police Arrive at White House Farm (02:21)

After killing his family, Bamber called the police and gave them a false story. An Essex officer discusses arriving at the murder scene and speaking with Bamber.

White House Farm Murder Scene (03:02)

The Essex Police Tactical Firearms entered the house and found the victims; 26 rounds of ammunition had been fired. Experts discuss Bamber's reaction and the police's belief that Caffell was the suspect. Wilson recalls learning about the deaths.

Greenwich Village Circuit (04:08)

Dylan sought out Guthrie, who was afflicted with Huntington's Disease; the pair became close friends. Experts describe what impact Guthrie had on his career.

Bamber's Story Unravels (03:04)

Former Essex officer Bob Miller and other officers did not believe Bamber's version of events. Authorities learn about the silencer and determine Caffell could not have committed the murders.

Charged with Murder (04:12)

Mugford tells police about Bamber's confessions two weeks after the murders; Wilson discusses her fear of Bamber. Police arrest Bamber for murder. Experts discuss Bamber's trial; the jury convicted him of murder.

Credits: Slaughter at the Farm: Countdown to Murder (00:32)

Credits: Slaughter at the Farm: Countdown to Murder

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Jeremy Bamber loved the high life, but greed was suffocating him…he wanted more. In one of Britain’s most notorious killings, he shot his mother, father, sister, Sheila Cafell and her five year old twins at the family farm and blamed it on his schizophrenic sister. But the police suspected him of the crime and when his girlfriend Julie Mugford went to the police and told them that he’d confessed to her, he was arrested and charged with murder. Though he stuck firmly to his story the jury believed Mugford. Bamber, was jailed and is serving a whole life tariff for the murder of his family. We speak to the detective who cracked the case, the journalists who reported it and to the Bamber’s Farm Secretary who reveals for the first time that Bamber’s father foresaw his own death - at the hands of his own son. A BBC Production.

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