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Butcher Boy: Countdown to Murder: Introduction (02:28)


Roderick and Mark Newall hated their parents; resentment was a trigger for murder. A global police operation finally captured the brothers.

Growing Resentment (02:53)

Elizabeth and Nicholas Newall raised their children in a privileged lifestyle on the Island of Jersey; they sent Roderick and Mark to boarding school. Experts discuss the family dynamics.

Parental Neglect? (02:29)

Growing up, Roderick and Mark spent more time with Aunt Nancy Clark than they did their parents; their resentment grew. Mark started a career in high finance while Roderick joined the British Army; Roderick liked to challenge authority.

Varying Lifestyles (03:32)

The Newalls spent money at an unsustainable rate. Mark's financial career bloomed while Roderick floundered with money; Roderick punched his mother when she would not pay one of his bills.

Dwindling Inheritance (02:20)

By the mid-1980s, Roderick resented his parents' lavish lifestyle. The Newalls sold the family home and became victims of the Lloyd's of London insurance market crash.

Early Birthday Party (02:02)

In October 1987, Roderick decided his parents must die; Mark did not know his plans. Learn Roderick's movements hours before the murder; Elizabeth cleared the home of old belongings.

Activities before the Murder (01:56)

Mark and Roderick arrived at their parents' bungalow to find it empty. The Newalls arrived soon after and the family went to dinner.

Murderous Rage (02:53)

After returning home, Nicholas and Roderick had a heated argument about Roderick's future. Roderick grabbed a pair of nunchucks and beat his parents to death.

Murder Clean-Up (03:38)

Roderick called Mark for help after killing his parents. The brothers burned some of their parents' personal items, buried the bodies, and cleaned the blood at the bungalow.

Missing Persons (03:06)

D.I. Graham Nimmo interviewed Roderick and Mark after their parents were reported missing. Authorities organized a search of Jersey Island and found minute traces of blood at the Newalls' bungalow.

Murder Suspects (03:04)

Nimmo showed Roderick and Mark photographs of the murder scene. He believed he had enough evidence to charge the brothers with murder but the case went cold. In 1991, Roderick and Mark had their parents declared dead and received their inheritance.

Guilty Disclosure (02:33)

In July 1992, Roderick told Clark he knew how his parents died. His uncle, Stephen Newall helped police in their surveillance operation.

Newall Brothers Arrested (02:20)

Police attempted to follow Roderick, but he evaded them and set sail for the Mediterranean. Authorities spotted his yacht in Gibraltar and with help from the Navy, took him into custody; police arrested Mark in Paris.

Murder Mystery Solved (03:56)

An interview with Roderick's former girlfriend cleared the way for his extradition from Gibraltar. Roderick identified the general area of his parents' bodies and authorities located the bodies.

Questions Remain in the Case (03:04)

Roderick Newall received a double life sentence and Mark Newall received eight years; they served three and eight years respectively. An expert describes issues with the murder that remain unclear.

Credits: The Butcher Boy: Countdown to Murder (00:31)

Credits: The Butcher Boy: Countdown to Murder

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The Butcher Boy: Countdown to Murder

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In Jersey’s most famous murder case, Roderick Newall killed his parents and brother Mark helped cover up the crime. But one slip up cost these brothers their freedom. This sensational case involved an arrest on the high seas, a taped confession and a massive police manhunt for the bodies of Nicholas and Elisabeth Newall. The cops that cracked the case speak for the first time on camera in this most compelling of murder mysteries. A BBC Production.

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