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Introduction to Jane Andrews (02:05)


This brief summary of events orients viewers to Jane Andrews, a trusted member of the Royal household, who killed Tommy Cressman, in one of Britain's most calculated killings.

Trigger for Murder (02:02)

Nice Airport, 9/15/2000: When Tommy Cressman told Jane Andrews he would never marry her, she decided to kill him. As a child, Andrews was a troubled and frequently truant.

Tommy Cressman's Background (01:19)

Educated and wealthy from birth, Cressman never had a girlfriend for long. He was married to his work.

Andrews' Entrance to High Society (03:35)

Jane Andrews used sex to keep men with her. She got a job for the Duchess of York, and immersed herself into the royal lifestyle.

Andrews' First Marriage (03:20)

Jane Andrews married Christopher Dunn-Butler; she had affairs throughout the marriage. Soon after they divorced, she moved in with another man, but the relationship ended badly.

Andrew's Loss of Identity (01:58)

Let go from her job in the Royal household and unwilling to go back to her humble lifestyle, she got a job at a high-end jeweler in order to retain her societal connections.

Whirlwind Romance (03:27)

Jane Andrews and Tommy Cressman moved in together after just a few month. A life with Cressman promised permanent standing in the life to which she had become accustomed.

Controlling Relationship (02:31)

Jane Andrews wanted a commitment from Cressman. She became possessive and jealous in their relationship and did not let him talk to other women.

Family Holiday (03:52)

Jane Andrews became obsessive and paranoid about Cressman's actions and hacked his emails. Andrews and Cressman went on vacation together. Andrews thought he was going to propose and was angry when he did not.

Fighting in Nice (03:15)

Andrews and Cressman argued when Cressman told her that he never wanted to marry her. Andrews drank the entire flight home; once home, the fight resumed.

Violent Arguement (02:20)

The fighting continued into the morning. The fight turned violent and Cressman called the police in order to protect both of them, but was ignored.

Premeditation (01:52)

Tommy Cressman went to work after the argument with Andrews to get his mind off the fighting. While he was at work, Andrews planned how she was going to kill him.

Murder of Thomas Cressman (01:46)

Jane Andrews waited until Tommy Cressman fell asleep, then she quietly got out of bed. She hit him over the head with his own cricket bat and then stabbed him.

Running From the Police (03:05)

Andrews went on the run after murdering Cressman, claiming her innocence the entire time. The police knew that she was using her phone and tracked her using the signal. She was found in her car after attempting to overdose.

Jane Andrews Trial (04:23)

Jane Andrews claimed self-defense when she was tried for the murder of Tommy Cressman. Police found letters in their flat, saying that Jane was too possessive and that Cressman could not stand it.

Epilogue: Jane Andrews (02:14)

Jane Andrews was sentenced to life in prison, but she has made many appeals to get out, claiming everything from innocence to diminished responsibility.

Credits: The Duchess, the Killer and her Lover: Countdown to Murder (00:43)

Credits: The Duchess, the Killer and her Lover: Countdown to Murder

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She was the Duchess of York’s Personal Assistant, but when she lost her job, her world fell apart. Jane Andrews thought her luck had changed when she met the man of her dreams. She hoped he’d bring a return to the status and the lifestyle she craved, but when Tommy Cressman dashed her hopes of marriage, she killed him. Police found her, in her car, unconscious from an overdose, and they tell us how this privileged but mentally unstable killer plotted this brutal murder and exacted her torment in the middle of the night, naked and with Tommy’s own cricket bat. Tommy's brother and best friend relive the final few days and hours before his murder. A BBC Production.

Length: 45 minutes

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