Segments in this Video

Introduction: Charlotte Bronte Unmasked (01:35)


Hear an excerpt from Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre."

The Discovered Photograph (02:16)

A photograph is discovered in a package of memorabilia left by Charlotte Bronte's close friend, Ellen Nussey. Anne Bronte's hair is also thought to be among the items.

Bronte Photograph Verified (02:17)

A photograph believed to be of Charlotte Bronte is compared against photographs in the National Portrait Gallery. Similarities are evident, but the subject of the photo is uncertain.

Carte De Visite of Charlotte Bronte? (03:15)

An expert examines a photograph to determine if the subject is Charlotte Bronte. A costume expert believes that the clothes and hairstyle date the photograph to 1855. The debate begins between biographers, historians, and the Bronte Society.

Charlotte Bronte, Saint (02:37)

Author E.C. Gaskell sought to change public opinion of Charlotte Bronte in "The Life of Charlotte Bronte". She wrote of a feminine and conventional woman and used George Richmond's idealistic drawing to depict her.

Charlotte Bronte, Feminist (03:04)

Biographer Dr. Lyndall Gordon challenges the Richmond Portrait and E.C. Gaskell's depiction of a feminine and conventional Charlotte Bronte. Gordon believes that Bronte was a strong-willed, worn woman. A reenactment suggests that Charlotte Bronte did not like the Richmond Portrait.

Status of Presumed Bronte Photograph (03:07)

Evidence suggests that the discovered photograph is not an original, but may be a copy of a photograph of Charlotte Bronte.

Bronte Love Letters (03:38)

Charlotte Bronte spent time in Brussels from 1842 to 1844. Letters suggest she may have fallen in love with her married teacher.

Charlotte Bronte, Man-Eater (02:14)

Dr. Juliet Barker, author of "The Brontes" challenges both the modern feminist depiction of Charlotte Bronte as well as E.C. Gaskell's saintly representation.

Challenging The Bronte Society (02:59)

Dr. Juliet Barker delivers a lecture to the Bronte Society, challenging their beloved E.C. Gaskell depiction of the author.

"The Bronte Sisters" (01:40)

Three women of the Bronte Society, referred to by members as "The Bronte Sisters" discuss the characteristics of Emily, Charlotte, and Anne. They believe that Charlotte Bronte would have lived longer had she not married.

The Spirit of Charlotte Bronte (02:50)

The spirit of Charlotte Bronte is believed to linger still. A Bronte Society member recalls his first 'encounter' with the author when she shocked him through a plaque dedicated to her. An excerpt from Jane Eyre is read.

The Mask of Charlotte Bronte (03:44)

Hear accounts of Charlotte Bronte's spirit interacting with Bronte Society members. A couple believes the author has manifested herself in a mask they own. Another Bronte Society Member believes she took a photograph of the author.

A Look Inside the Bronte Society (02:32)

This segment offers an excerpt of a lecture on the discovered photograph of Charlotte Bronte; a member photo session; and a conference devoted to Anne Bronte.

Grief (01:42)

A Bronte Society Member claims that Charlotte Bronte comforted her after a hard day. Hear an excerpt of "Shirley," completed after the death of Charlotte's sister Anne. See footage of Anne Bronte's grave memorial.

Manipulative Bronte Sister (03:26)

Dr. Juliet Barker argues that Charlotte Bronte was a manipulative person, republishing her sisters works after their deaths and calling the women "un-learned." Barker believes that Charlotte Bronte destroyed a second work of Emily Bronte.

Forensic Comparison of "Bronte" Photograph (02:35)

The profile photograph of Charlotte Bronte from the National Portrait Gallery is digitally compared with the discovered mystery photograph. All of the features match.

Bronte Society Clings to Charlotte Image (03:19)

Evidence indicates that the mystery photograph is in fact Charlotte Bronte. Hear a final excerpt from "Jane Eyre."

Credits: Charlotte Bronte Unmasked (01:05)

Credits: Charlotte Bronte Unmasked

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A film about the men and women who have devoted their lives and souls to Brontë worship, and what happens when a newly discovered photograph—allegedly of Charlotte Brontë—threatens the whole fragile edifice of romantic fantasy. This film is both a comedy about the cult of Charlotte Brontë and a more serious look at the making of a literary icon. A BBC Production.

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