Segments in this Video

Introduction: Mind and Consciousness—Science vs. God? (02:35)


Scientists and theologians discuss the mind and consciousness as images representing spirituality are displayed in this opening segment.

Power of the Brain (04:20)

Learn about the composition of the brain and how the brain functions to complete tasks. The mind is the entire pattern of activity distributed over the whole brain.

Higher Levels of Consciousness (02:43)

Through aesthetics or meditation people are able to gain deeper levels of consciousness. Learn about the metaphoric characteristics of music.

Natural Selection and the Brain (02:52)

Scientists turn to Darwin's theory of evolution to understand the power of the brain. Lennox suggests that the mind is a product of a rational creator.

Consciousness: An Immaterial Reality (04:02)

Learn about modern attempts to explain consciousness in relation to the brain and the mind. Tour Ely Cathedral, a building designed to make a statement about the power of God.

Muslim Prayer (03:15)

Around a quarter of the world's population is Muslim. Learn about Muslim's belief in God consciousness.

Neuroscience: Why We Believe? (03:22)

Newburg's focus of study is why we believe what we believe. He defines the brain as a "belief machine." Learn about commonalities in religious beliefs.

The Soviet Experiment (02:20)

Discover how God remained as the reign of Communist leadership attempted to eradicate religion.

Survival Value of Religion (03:17)

Wilson suggests an evolutionary understanding of religion. Sacks details what a true Darwinian world would look like. Lennox argues that morality is part of the human consciousness of God.

Personal Experience (04:27)

For most, personal experience is the key factor for deciding what is real and true. Learn about the devotion of the Legionaries of Christ in New York.

Locating a God Gene (04:32)

Learn about a scientific study conducted to locate a God gene. Barrett suggests the whole brain becomes active when a person is participating in a religious event. Listen to a personal account of someone finding God.

Prison Fellowship (03:14)

Visit Darrington Prison and learn about prisoners who practice Christianity. Colson, involved in the U.S. Watergate scandal, describes his experience with God.

Broader Implications of Religion (03:04)

Lennox describes the purpose and claims of Christianity. Consciousness remains a mystery to scientists.

The Dying Process (07:12)

Fenwick discusses the mental state of the dying, reporting patient experiences. Learn about the commonalities shared in the dying process of people declared clinically dead.

Credits: Mind and Consciousness—Science vs. God? (01:08)

Credits: Mind and Consciousness—Science vs. God?

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Mind and Consciousness—Science vs. God?

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Human consciousness is the most mysterious phenomenon in the universe. Not only does it exist; it is sophisticated beyond understanding. The big issue: does the immaterial reality of human consciousness point to an immaterial mind behind the universe? Examining the evidence from ‘the God gene’ to near death experience, this episode brings the final clash of views of this God question series.

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