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Introduction: Life and Evolution—Science vs. God? (02:03)


Theologians and scientists discuss the science of evolution and religion as images representing life on Earth are displayed in this opening segment.

Charles Darwin's Design of Life (03:07)

Learn about Darwin's theory of evolution and how human beings evolved from a single cell. This theory dissolved the concept of god.

Evolution as Evidence of God (03:23)

For some scientists, evolution is evidence of god's work. Theologians argue the book of Genesis was not meant to be read as a scientific theory.

Unifying Theory of Nature (04:03)

Learn how Darwin's theory of evolution emerged. Darwin focused on the diverse attributes of finches and mockingbirds to create his unifying theory of nature.

Religious Reaction to Darwinism (04:06)

Learn about natural selection and the theory that all organisms evolved from a single cell. This theory was quickly accepted by the Catholic Church and rejected by Muslims.

God: The Author of All Things Natural (03:15)

The concept of truth is as important to religion as it is to science. Miller claims that the existence of natural design does not "take god out of the picture."

Invention of the Science and Religion Warfare (01:42)

Historians believe the idea of a science and religion conflict is the invention of the 19th century. Listen to a debate between Dawkins and Lennox on the light science sheds on the existence of god.

Excavating the Story of Evolution (03:06)

Follow the story of evolution through fossil evidence in the world's rocks, dating back 3.4 billion years. Learn about the Cambrian Explosion in evolution's history.

Evolution: Simple to Complex Organisms (03:40)

Discover the Acanthostega, a species in transition of an evolutionary process. Scientists and theologians discuss the "blind" characteristic of evolution.

Genetics: Generational Particles of Change (05:36)

Learn about evolution through the science of genetics. In 1953, the structure of DNA was discovered. The human genome is 3.5 billion letters long.

Emergence of Human Beings (04:13)

Human beings are believed to have emerged in East Africa about 200,000 years ago. Learn about a fundamental mystery of life that still remains.

Planet Earth's Environment (03:28)

Learn about the life giving conditions of planet Earth's environment. Dennett argues that nature is self-sufficient.

Linking God and Evolution (03:56)

Ruse discusses how a Darwinian can also be a Christian. A problem that the non-theists have is ultimately how to account for nature itself?

Existence of Humankind (05:54)

Non-theists pose a question about the purpose of god's plan. Theists grapple with reconciling evolution with the story of origins in sacred texts.

Credits: Life and Evolution—Science vs. God? (01:03)

Credits: Life and Evolution—Science vs. God?

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If ever God had an undertaker, it surely must be Charles Darwin. Yet, says his biographer James Moore “Darwin was never really an atheist”. He has, nevertheless, become its patron saint. The evidence for evolution is compelling. Indeed its achievements lead to underlying questions about why it is so successful if there is no over-arching mind. In this episode, champions of the view that Darwin has buried God, clash with their theistic counterparts.

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