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Introduction: The Cosmos—Science vs. God? (02:48)


Listen to astrologists, theologians, and astrophysicists pose questions about the existence of a creator as images of the cosmos are displayed.

Fundamentalism in Religious Debate (04:15)

Learn about the fundamental arguments of militant atheists and Christians on the topic of the existence of God.

Edinburgh's New Atheism Debate (02:36)

Watch as Professor Lennox and Hitchens debate atheism. Science provides answers to life, while religion provides answers for death.

Galileo Galilei: A New Religion (03:39)

In 1633, a battle for truth about the cosmos played out between the Catholic Church and Galileo. Galileo proposed that Earth was not fixed and orbited the Sun.

Survival of God (02:56)

Mythology in ancient Greece was replaced by rational thinking. Learn about how the God of Jews, Christians, and Muslims survived and continues to be worshiped.

The Big Bang Theory (06:21)

Science has discovered an event that occurred 13.7 billion years ago, the Big Bang. The cause of the explosion and expansion of the universe is still a mystery.

Chemistry of Life (03:32)

The atoms in human bodies were born in the middle of stars. Learn about the crucial factors for life on Earth to exist.

Nontheistic Explanations in Nature (04:04)

Scientists and theologians pose questions about the limitations of scientific knowledge.

Creationism vs. Science (02:45)

Listen to an analysis of the Bible and Quran through a scientific lens.

Quantum Mechanics (02:40)

The theory of quantum mechanics helps to support the idea that the universe was created from nothing. Probability, not cause is in effect.

Laws of Physics (05:20)

Scientists and atheists agree that the universe appears finely tuned to support life. Mathematics is the language to express and predict what the universe is doing.

Dark Energy (04:24)

Learn about dark energy and how it applies to the laws of physics. Scientists seek out an explanation for the level of precision required for the existence of dark energy and its counterpart.

God of the Gaps (05:55)

For theologians, science points toward the existence of a creator. Learn about the three alternatives to believing in God. Listen to the closing arguments in the debate between theism and atheism.

Credits: The Cosmos—Science vs. God? (01:02)

Credits: The Cosmos—Science vs. God?

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The Cosmos—Science vs. God?

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Its origin shrouded in mystery, operating according to its own laws, described with the precision of mathematics, there is nothing as impressive as the cosmos. Life on earth is supported by forces finely tuned to an astonishing degree. So is it all luck? Or does the evidence suggest something more behind our ordered universe? In this episode, atheism and theism are on a collision course. Where does the truth lie?

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