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Introduction: 3D Printers (01:05)


This edition of Newton features the revolutionary technology of 3D printing. Hear a brief exploration of the potential for this technology which is currently in use for medicine and industrial technology in Austria.

3D Printed Roboy (02:02)

The capabilities of a 3D printer are demonstrated by Roboy, a human-like robot. The printing technology is called laser centering.

Printing Robot Body Parts (02:15)

Roboy's hand is printed and finishing touches are applied. With 3D printing, the hand can be printed all at once, allowing the joints to function impeccably. Roboy's head is printed using stereolithography.

3D Printing & Art (02:48)

Roboy was developed at the University of Zurich. Two built-in cameras allow him to take a picture and use it for facial recognition. His creation mimicked that of a human being's, and took nine months.

RepRaps: Homemade 3D Printer (01:56)

Homemade 3D printers are called RepRaps. Within a day, it can reproduce itself. The wider use of 3D printing is hindered by cost and ease of use.

Microscopic 3D Printing (03:34)

Members of the world-wide 3D community call themselves makers. The first 3D printer was made in the 1980s. It takes 2-3 months for chemical compounds at the microscopic nanotechnology lab to be prepared for 3D printing use.

3D Printing in Medicine (02:06)

Microscopic 3D printing is in use for bone defects, skin defects, and cartilage defects. The goal is to print entire organs. Reichenfelser develops and prints exoskeletons.

Legalities of 3D Printing (03:20)

Printing is used without restrictions. There will be small 3D printers for household use, and large printers that will transform the manufacturing process.

Future of 3D Printing (03:00)

Purgathofer sees the development and need of 3D printers will match that of the computer. Local production eliminates the need for transport and delivery. The moon is considered to be a production site.

Production Logo: 3D Printers (00:23)

Production Logo: 3D Printers

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