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What is Bullying? (05:10)


Bullying affects health in negative ways; experts explain the elements of bullying. All types of people can be bullies and anyone can be vulnerable to bullying.

The Temptation of Bullying (04:21)

Understanding others versus unfairly judging them is important. Being assertive is a communication skill young people should practice. Learn three steps to achieve assertiveness.

When to Step In (01:03)

Anyone who witnesses a bullying event should immediately intervene. Experts discuss intervention steps.

Cyber Bullying (03:20)

Cyber bullying is increasing at a rapid pace and can be more damaging than traditional bullying; anyone can be a victim. Cyber bullying occurs when someone threatens, harasses, humiliates, or embarrasses another person using an interactive technological device. Learn steps to take when you experience cyber bullying.

Being Yourself (02:07)

A bullying victim often feels isolated. Experts discuss indicators that a person is faking their interest in a relationship.

Credits: Against Bullying: Better Ways To Communicate (00:43)

Credits: Against Bullying: Better Ways To Communicate

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The management of bullying by individuals and institutions has progressed from the days of denial, three to four decades ago. Modern society places greater importance on positive relationships and there is a greater awareness of the destructiveness of bullying. This program aims to strengthen viewers’ awareness of effective techniques they can use to protect themselves. It also explores how all of us are vulnerable to attacks as well as the temptation to bully. Recent developments in cyber-bullying are explored by psychologists Andrew Fuller and Rosalind Berkowitz.

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