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Are You Seeing Bullying Happening? (03:06)


Bullying takes many forms and can be physical, verbal, psychological, or cyber. Listen to students and adults discuss what bullying looks like.

How Would You Feel? (03:44)

There are four roles people play in bullying: assistant, reinforcer, outsider, and defender. It is important to support a person being bullied. Listen to a description of the effects of bullying.

The Bystander – What Can You Do? (01:51)

Bystanders often feel guilt and anxiety when they do not help a victim of bullying. It is always important to intervene and stop incidents of bullying.

What Happens If You Get Help? (02:23)

Tell a teacher if you think bullying is happening. Retaliation after defending someone is rare.

Being a Supportive Bystander (02:02)

The best way to support someone being bullied is to be their friend. Invite them to hang out with you. Your presence alone may stop the bullies.

Helping Someone Isn't Hard (02:43)

Support a victim's decision to get help. There are free phone lines and websites to support kids.

The Wrap Up (03:10)

Indirect bullying is spreading rumors or telling lies about someone. Symptoms of bullying can be physical.

Tell an Adult (02:06)

Listen to this summary what you can do to help victims of bullying. Students and adults weigh in on what can be done to help a victim.

Credits: Against Bullying: The Bystander (01:10)

Credits: Against Bullying: The Bystander

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This program looks at the emotional and physical impacts of bullying on victims and bystanders. All bystanders of bullying play a role. Experts describe tips for defending victims both in the short and long term. This video features interviews with Clinical Psychologist Andrew Fuller, Counseling Psychologist Roslyn Berkovitch, and students who have seen bullying in their daily lives.

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