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Fire Safety Equipment (02:12)


Your institution will have a fire safety plan. Be familiar with what to do in case a fire breaks out in the lab. View demonstrations of how and when to use a fire blanket, an ABE fire extinguisher, and a sand bucket.

Credits: Fire Safety Equipment (00:19)

Credits: Fire Safety Equipment

Personal Safety Equipment (02:51)

Lab coats, safety goggles, and gloves should be worn at all times, unless otherwise instructed. View demonstrations of how and when to use an eye bath, chemical shower, chemical spill kit, and a fume hood.

Credits: Personal Safety Equipment (00:18)

Credits: Personal Safety Equipment

Basic Techniques (04:03)

View demonstrations of how to safely use a Bunsen burner, waft, mix in a test tube, and clean glassware.

Credits: Basic Techniques (00:19)

Credits: Basic Techniques

Taking Measurements (03:00)

View demonstrations of how to read a thermometer, use an analytical balance, and read a measuring cylinder.

Credits: Taking Measurements (00:18)

Credits: Taking Measurements

Using a pH Meter (01:55)

pH meters are used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous sample. View a demonstration of how to use a pH meter.

Credits: Using a pH Meter (00:19)

Credits: Using a pH Meter

Dilution (03:57)

View a demonstration of how to use a volumetric pipette, used to accurately dispense known liquid volumes. View a demonstration of how to dilute solutions, using one molar sodium hydroxide diluted to 1:10 as an example.

Credits: Dilution (00:14)

Credits: Dilution

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Practical skills are paramount for science students, but learning the basics can be daunting. This instructional film demonstrates the correct and safe procedure for operating fire safety equipment, such as a fire blanket or extinguisher; operating personal safety equipment, such as an eye bath and spills kit; basic techniques such as lighting a Bunsen burner and wafting; taking measurements using a thermometer or measuring cylinder; using a pH meter; and performing dilutions using a volumetric pipette.

Length: 20 minutes

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