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Introduction: The Changing World of Packaging (00:60)


Packaging protects food from damage and extends shelf life. The introduction of plastics revolutionized the packaging industry. Learn what topics will be covered in this film.

Communication Technology (02:53)

Local and wide area networks are commonly used forms of communication in business. Invoices go out as emails and faxes. Telephone and voice over IP are starting to evolve and provide more flexibility in dealing with customers.

The Internet (05:03)

The Internet allows people to work remotely. Businesses should have a website because it establishes credibility, promotes products, and it reduces the costs of running a company.

Data Protection and Security (05:46)

Data privacy refers to the relationship between technology and the legal right to data collection. Companies can use virus software, firewalls, and data encryption to ensure privacy. A virus relies on a program or web link to activate it.

Misuse (02:49)

Computer misuse is using the network for hacking, illegal copying, and chat room abuses. To prevent this, first make sure the network is secure. Companies should produce a code of conduct for employees to adhere to.

Credit: IT In Business (00:48)

Credit: IT In Business

Credits: The Changing World of Food Packaging (00:32)

Credits: The Changing World of Food Packaging

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The Changing World of Food Packaging

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Touring high profile packaging manufacturers, this program explains why food is packaged, outlines the advantages and disadvantages of metal, glass, cardboard, and foil packages, and considers the impacts of changing consumer demands on packaging trends. Learn about modern plastic packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, and aseptic packaging.

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