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Will a Code of Ethics Make a Difference? (02:41)


Evidence suggests that businesses that behave in an ethical way are more successful. Organizations that have a code of ethics are often more efficient.

Workplace Theft (03:14)

When you avoid addressing incidents of stealing, it results in repeated examples of unethical behavior. Use "I" language when confronting someone in the workplace. Ask your manager to address the code of ethics in a team environment.

What do You do When Your Boss Asks You to do Something You are Uncomfortable With? (02:42)

Ask yourself several questions to determine if a behavior is ethical or unethical. Think about possible effects in the future.

Confidentiality Breach (02:30)

Experts discuss two choices when dealing with colleagues who talk about specific clients in a social setting. Reporting to the press could break a confidentiality agreement that you signed.

Ethical Behavior Summary (01:01)

This segment reviews the elements of ethical behavior discussed in this film.

Credits: Q&A: Ethical Behavior (00:50)

Credits: Q&A: Ethical Behavior

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Q&A: Ethical Behavior

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What is ethical behavior and does it really matter in today’s workplace? Can unethical behavior affect the performance of a business? In answering some common questions about ethics, Eve Ash and Peter Quarry tackle this sometimes sensitive subject with clarity and precision.

Length: 14 minutes

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