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Creative Thinking Skills: Introduction (01:44)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of creative thinking and how to improve creative thinking skills.

Introduction: What is Creative Thinking? (02:23)

Creativity can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure. Learn the difference between critical and creative thinking and popular models that explain the way people think and learn.

Introduction: Creative Thinking Models (04:55)

Bloom's Taxonomy identifies six levels of learning. Howard Gardner introduced multiple intelligences. Edward de Bono introduced six thinking hats. The E5 instructional model divides the learning process into five states. See a summary of the creative thinking introduction.

Develop a Questioning Mindset (04:02)

The four steps of mindset development are: ask questions from a different perspective; explore information sources; identify the central questions, issues, and challenges; and challenge preconceptions and assumptions. See a summary of developing a questioning mindset.

Generate Ideas and Responses (05:36)

Explore possibilities beyond the current situation and how to make a possibility a reality. Challenge existing boundaries. Learn four techniques for developing ideas. See a summary of generating ideas and responses.

Challenge, Test, and Re-Invent Ideas (03:11)

Identify, question, and challenge assumptions behind a new idea. Explore various solutions and list the forces for and against a proposal. See a summary of idea challenging.

Enhance Creative Thinking Skills (02:25)

Consciously challenge thought patterns and responses. Practice creative thinking techniques. Review creative thinking techniques discussed in this video and see a summary of creative thinking enhancement.

Credits: Creative Thinking Skills (00:43)

Credits: Creative Thinking Skills

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Creativity can be the difference between success and failure. When you are not using your creative thinking skills to full advantage, you can miss opportunities and the success of your endeavors will suffer. When all solutions escape you, creative thinking can provide another perspective. In this program, learn how to become more creative and develop a questioning mindset— enhance your ability to generate, challenge, test and reinvent ideas. Critical thinking and creative thinking are different; knowing how best to utilize creative thinking skills can separate you from the rest.

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