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Fostering Innovation (04:02)


Yvonne Adele notes that businesses have to think creatively. She explains the "fail faster" philosophy.

Brainstorming Process (04:54)

Adele explains the first 5 steps of the process she uses to encourage creative thinking: define challenges, assemble 6-12 people, warm up the group, develop spontaneity, and announce the challenge.

Brainstorming Process: Part 2 (05:42)

Adele explains the 5 final steps of the process she uses to encourage creative thinking: solo brainstorming, share top two ideas in a small group, share top ideas with the overall group, the shakedown, and evaluate ideas.

Langue (02:18)

Langue is the structure of language and allows meaning to be generated. Explore paradigmatic and syntagmatic choices. Linguistic structure governs the production and interpretation of texts.

Credits: Creative Brainstorming for Innovation (00:24)

Credits: Creative Brainstorming for Innovation

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Creative Brainstorming for Innovation

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Organizations are becoming more interested in innovation and creativity, but how can these practices be fostered? Psychologist Peter Quarry interviews Yvonne Adele and investigates practical ways to help staff access creative thinking. Topics include: what is innovation, defining the business challenge, and creative brainstorming exercises.

Length: 17 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-68272-482-8

Copyright date: ©2009

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