Segments in this Video

Equipment (03:38)


View a demonstration of the correct comb and scissors to use while cutting a child's hair.

Dampening and Combing (04:23)

It's important to cut children's hair quickly; they have short attention spans. Start by wetting the hair and combing it back from the face. You can part it in any desired direction.

Cutting the Outline: Fringe and Side (04:27)

View a demonstration of how to cut the fringe and side hair sections using a crown to ear part.

Cutting the Outline: Back and Side (04:02)

View a demonstration of how to cut the side and back using a crown to ear part.

Layering along the Crown (03:29)

View a demonstration of how to layer a block section of hair along the crown.

Skin Mobility Testing (07:07)

Riehl demonstrates skin rolling. He states that a common mistake is to go too fast, which can be painful, he recommends retesting after every skin roll.

Arm Pulls (03:27)

There are five main positions that serve as release techniques. To perform the arm pull Riehl stands to the side of the table and assumes a holding position.

Anterior Fascial Line (04:26)

The anterior line starts at the toes;to release the anterior line, start with the client in the supine position. Reihl states that forward head posture is common.

Posterior Fascial Line (03:33)

The posterior line starts on the plantar surface of the toes. To start the release of this line, Riehl applies gentle pressure to the back of the leg.

Credit: Beginning Myofascial Release (00:12)

Credit: Beginning Myofascial Release

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Childrens Haircut

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This instructional film demonstrates the very first steps in hairdressing. It teaches you how to hold the scissors and comb correctly, how best to cut your child's hair, and it will give you a method of cutting the hair that is simple to understand and do. Included are demonstrations of how to cut an outline, how to layer, and how to use clippers. Learn hint and tips along the way that have taken John over 30 years to perfect.

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