Segments in this Video

Using Clipper Guards (04:14)


Mcloughlin trims side hair with two different sizes, creating a ridge that requires blending.

Heeling Out Technique (05:32)

Mcloughlin demonstrates ways to use clipper guards to blend a ridge left from using different sized guards.

Clipper Guard-Over-Comb Technique (06:37)

Mcloughlin demonstrates how to blend a ridge in the hair using scissors and clippers together.

Clipper-Over-Comb Technique (07:29)

Mcloughlin demonstrates how to use your comb as a gauge and guideline for clipping and blending hair.

Tapering the Hairline (01:30)

Mcloughlin demonstrates two ways blend the hair outline.

Review: Clipper Blending (00:06)

See a written review of the main points covered in this instructional hair cutting video.

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Clipper Blending

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Using the clippers with confidence does not come easy. In this lesson John Mcloughlin shows a number of techniques, but more importantly, he shows what happens when the hair is not blended correctly. No matter how good or bad you are at clipper blending, see the different ways to overcome clipper-blending obstacles. You can then blend with confidence and use any number of the techniques shown in this video.

Length: 26 minutes

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