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Cutting Mustache: Right Side (04:34)


John Mcloughlin demonstrates how to cut a mustache with a barbering comb and 7 inch scissors. He reviews how to hold scissors when cutting.

Cutting Mustache: Left Side (02:50)

Mcloughlin demonstrates how to section the hair with scissors and using an angled comb he cuts from short to long. See how to free-hand trim.

Beard Thinning: Right Side (03:11)

Mcloughlin demonstrates how to thin out and give a long beard shape by layering it. Use your scissors to section the hair and hold the comb at a 45° angle.

Beard Thinning: Left Side & Middle (03:02)

Mcloughlin continues layering the left side of the beard and blends in the middle section.

Beard Cutting: Long Length (02:54)

Using the same technique as in the previous beard thinning segments, Mcloughlin shortens the left and right sides and then blends in the middle.

Beard Cutting: Medium Length (02:14)

Mcloughlin demonstrates how to cut down a long beard. The head is tilted back and the comb is angled to prevent a harsh line.

Beard Cutting: Short/Medium Length (05:27)

Using the same techniques as in previous segments, Mcloughlin shortens the beard.

Final Beard Shaping (02:48)

Mcloughlin demonstrates how to trim the beard around the ear.

Scissor Over Comb Technique (01:42)

Mcloughlin reviews this technique for use in beard trimming.

Cordless Clipper Beard Trimming (05:12)

Mcloughin explains the basics of using a clipper and demonstrates beard trimming using a number five clipper guard.

Credits: The Beard Trim (00:09)

Credits: The Beard Trim

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The Beard Trim

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This instructional film demonstrates how to use clippers and comb, and scissors and comb to shorten beards neatly and effectively. It will also show how to overcome some of the problems students encounter when trying to cut facial hair. This film incorporates some good basic hints and tips to help students with barbering.

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