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Car Accidents & Driver Responsibility (03:18)


Teen drivers aged 16-19 are the most vulnerable. Learn where minor accidents often happen. Leaving the scene of an accident can result in a fine, raised insurance premiums, or jail time. Call 911 for any injuries, exchange insurance information, and contact insurance carrier.

Be Prepared for a Car Accident (04:10)

Understand the basics of your auto insurance and know if you live in a state with no fault laws. Carry a cell phone for emergency calls and keep contact numbers, medical information, registration, and insurance papers in your glove box. Learn equipment to carry in your car if possible.

Immediately After a Car Accident: Keep Calm, Stay Safe (05:05)

Accidents are scary, but becoming emotional can make matters worse. Assess injuries, call 911 if needed, wait for help, don't move injured people unless necessary, check on the other driver if safe to do so, move cars to the side of the road if no injuries and if possible, exchange information. Learn what to do if the accident occurs in a parking lot or on private property.

Exchanging Information After a Car Accident (06:27)

Both drivers need to share the same information; try to remain calm. Do not admit fault or make promises of payment and document accident information; contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Learn what to do in the case of a hit and run.

The Insurance Process: After a Car Accident (05:02)

Learn who pays for damages or medical expenses, how reimbursement works, and how the auto insurance claims process works.

Summary: Accidents Happen (07:14)

It is important to understand your legal and ethical responsibilities after a car accident. Review the concepts discussed in this video.

Credits: Accidents Happen: What to Do When You're in a Car Accident (01:06)

Credits: Accidents Happen: What to Do When You're in a Car Accident

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Even if you’re a safe driver, car accidents are an inevitable part of life. The average driver will go through three to four accidents in a lifetime. And when an accident happens, all drivers involved have certain responsibilities. This video covers preparedness for an accident, driver responsibilities (legal and ethical) when one occurs, what steps to follow immediately after the accident and in the days that follow, and an explanation of the insurance process for both large and small accidents. A co-production of Meridian and MotionMasters.

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