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Nike - Tag (03:44)


Nike scores a playful ad with the following city-wide game of tag.

ESPN - Cafeteria (02:54)

The following commercial with Scott van Pelt and soccer player Andriy Shevchenko is an example from the ad campaign ESPN produced featuring a series of simple humorous conversations between ESPN staff members and sports celebrities in the company cafeteria.

Nutripiel - Zerbert (02:31)

Nutripiel wants the audience to know that their lotion will give their clients "baby soft" skin, and that could turn out to be distracting for others near you.

Ameriquest - Cat (03:04)

Ameriquest wanted their customers to know they wouldn't make hasty judgements about prospective clients and demonstrated it with the following humorous scenario used originally as a Superbowl ad.

Gilbey's Gin - Englishman (02:58)

Commercials often use wordplay to get a message across to the audience, but Gilbey's Gin tried using word butchery in this ad.

Humo Magazine and Durex - Milkman (03:31)

Belgian magazine Humo opted for the old standards of sex and shock value to promote their flavored condom giveway, and a milkman who must be a very dedicated reader.

Credits - Ad Persuasion - Nike (00:60)

Credits - Ad Persuasion - Nike

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Nike: Ad Persuasion

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Word travels fast, and word of mouth is the kind of buzz that all commercials strive to create. This collection of ads uses word-of-mouth literally and figuratively in many ways and it starts with a commercial from Nike where everyone must have got word ahead of time.

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