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British Airways "Driving on the Left" (02:23)


Most airline commercials focus on comfort. British Airways breaks the mold and doesn't show a plane; rather, it advertises tickets to London with the tagline "driving on the left is fun." Experts note the simplicity of the idea.

Aerolineas Argentinas "Shadow" (04:26)

Argentine airline Aerolineas shows children watching an airplane's shadow and catching it in their lunchbox. The pilot gets them to give it back. The ad is beautifully shot. Children in ads humanize a product.

Dulux Paint "Condom" (02:24)

Paint manufacturer Dulux shows embarrassment involving condoms, comparing the pink of a blush to their pink shades of paint. Experts say the connection is a stretch.

Volkswagen "School" (03:10)

A boy alone at school plays with scientific equipment and musical instruments. He is the only one there, because his family's Volkswagen got through the snow. The ad fits in Volkswagen's tradition and brand. The car shows up only at the end of the ad.

Lee Jeans "Bottoms" (03:31)

An ad features buttocks as characters; the butts see other butts in Lee Jeans and are jealous, and set out on a journey to get Lee Jeans. Experts half-jokingly discuss casting.

Shiseldo Soap "Turkish March" (03:00)

A classic ad for Japanese soap Shiseldo features boys washing each other, displaying military discipline. The target audience is mothers. The ad would potentially be controversial or uncomfortable today.

Additional Resources & Credits: Lee Jeans (01:15)

Additional Resources & Credits: Lee Jeans

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Lee Jeans created a bizarre commercial last year featuring a carful of…naked bums. They want Jeans. Lee Jeans. And while the commercial itself is a riot, watch the spot and try to imagine the casting call! See this and five other ads, with expert commentary.

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