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Viagra Office (03:28)


A man's boasts about his sex life are bleeped out, replaced by the Viagra logo. This deals with the challenge of talking about sex on TV, and avoiding legally dubious medical claims.

Canal: "March of the Emperor" (02:44)

A Cinema channel ad depicts a man describing Emperor penguins in "March of the Penguins"; the woman pictures Napoleon-like Emperors and is confused. Tagline: "Movies are meant to be seen."

Macintosh "1984" (03:56)

See the Apple 1984 ad, considered the greatest commercial of all time. Experts discuss its influence in the history of Super Bowl advertisement and on Apple's brand identity against IBM.

VW Passat "120" (03:03)

Volkswagen's online ad campaign features 120 spots highlighting features of their car. A critic says 120 features lack central, compelling message. Supporters say individualized, democratized advertising is itself a brand message.

BC SPCA "Roommates" (02:32)

A man treats his buddy as his pet, scratching his belly. The tagline: "Some things you can only do with a pet." The advertisement is for pet adoption.

Adidas "Ali vs. Ali" (03:30)

An Adidas ad begins with prefight footage from the "Rumble in the Jungle," then uses composite footage to show Muhammad Ali and his daughter Laila sparring in the ring. Experts comment.

Additional Resources & Credits: The Best Commercial of All Time (01:17)

Additional Resources & Credits: The Best Commercial of All Time

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The Best Commercial of All Time: Ad Persuasion

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The commercial considered the best of all time, Apple's "1984", for the Macintosh, aired exactly once, at the Super Bowl. This show offers commentary on the commercial and five other attention-grabbing advertisements.

Length: 22 minutes

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