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"Martian" (03:32)


Amora's spicy ketchup ad mimics '50s sci-fi films. Experts discuss how it takes a risk and promotes the product in an entertaining, memorable way.

"Fantasy Ranch" (02:46)

Experts talk about sexual references in Burger King's commercial. The company took a risk and won viewer acceptance.

"Whassup?" (03:17)

Budweiser's commercial created a tag phrase phenomenon and challenged the "bikini girl" beer ad prototype. Experts talk about it staying power.

"Late Show" (02:37)

Claymation raisins singing "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" became a pop culture phenomenon. Experts discuss what makes the California raisin industry's commercial a classic.

"Chill In, Thrill Out" (03:37)

Nescafe's commercial for Black Ice transports a woman to an erotic world. Experts agree that overtly sexual ads are more acceptable in Europe, and that the content is irrelevant to the product.

"Prank Calls" (03:16)

Bic's commercial advertising long lasting pens features an elderly woman being harassed by perverts. Experts analyze its low budget and entertaining appeal.

Credits: The California Raisins (00:60)

Credits: The California Raisins

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The California Raisins: Ad Persuasion

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This episode of Ad Persuasion highlights the California Raisins, an ’80s claymation phenomenon that became part of pop culture. Advertising industry experts also analyze spots by Amora (“Martian”), Burger King (“Fantasy Ranch”), Budweiser (“Whassup?”), Nescafe (“Chill In, Chill Out”), and Bic (“Prank Calls”) in terms of message, creativity, execution, and effectiveness at drawing in consumers.

Length: 22 minutes

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Copyright date: ©2007

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