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Olympus "Distorted Dogs" (03:36)


A camera ad shows a woman distressed by her friend's dog, with its distorted head. It asks whether we would save or delete a distorted dog photo.

Bud Light "Costume Party (02:31)

A Budweiser beer commercial features a raunchy Halloween party. A man is dressed up as a chair, on which a woman is seated. Experts comment on the ad and beer culture.

Film Club Talk Cinema "Cheeky Check Out (03:38)

The hotel front desk man, a homosexual, lists charges for pornographic films the guest has watched. The ad is for Talk Cinema, for films (unlike these) that you will want to talk about.

Folgers "Happy Mornings" (03:59)

A Folgers ad depicts sunbeams as creatures waking a man, obnoxiously cheerful. Folgers coffee, however, allows him to "tolerate mornings." Some experts think the ad is too irritating. See production behind the scenes.

ESPN "Shelfball" (02:27)

In an ESPN ad, anchors in the back office compete in throwing nerf balls on a shelf. Experts discuss the message, and ESPN branding.

Fox Sports "The Hood" (03:06)

A Fox Sports ad shows African-Americans in the inner city, where they unexpectedly play golf. Fox Sports may get away with an edgier ad than ESPN.

Additional Resources & Credits: The Most Downloaded Commercial (01:17)

Additional Resources & Credits: The Most Downloaded Commercial

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The Most Downloaded Commercial: Ad Persuasion

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This episode of Ad Persuasion will show you last year’s most downloaded commercial, according to YouTube. The spot, for Folger’s coffee, is called ‘Happy Mornings’ and will make you wonder if you ever want to wake up again. Experts comment on this and five other ads, including contrasting ads for ESPN and Fox Sports.

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