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Energizer Batteries - Argentina (02:47)


The Energizer Bunny was a landmark campaign for its company. After several years an Argentinian ad tries to break new ground with a similar concept.

Teen PSA (02:17)

Gritty realism can create a shocking message to an intended audience. A minimalist ad from the UK achieved this during a commercial targeting teenagers.

Peugeot 206 (02:55)

A sleek automobile is often an icon of desire around the world. An Indian ad for Peugeot takes this concept to an extreme edge with action and humor.

Mini Cooper (03:39)

commercial; FCB Toronto;Advertising Agency;counterfeit;automobile;Rolex;Ray Ban;earned media;voluntary advertising

Smirnoff Vodka (02:45)

Occasionally a company with a strong brand will try an advertising style that does not overtly mention their product. Smirnoff retold the same film footage three times in one commercial to demonstrate a concept about their product.

Skittles (04:59)

Humor is often a key element to advertising campaigns. Skittles used this method to great affect with a singing rabbit. The campaign’s message is to never let their product go

Credits: Candy Ads (00:57)

Credits: Candy Ads

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Candy ads are getting stranger and stranger – it makes you wonder who the target market is. A man makes the worst trade ever in a brilliantly bizarre spot for Skittles. But really, who would want a yodeling bunny? In this episode, explore intriguing commercials used by large corporations around the world with analysis by industry professionals.

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