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Combos - Grace (03:20)


Combos pretzel snacks pokes fun at traditional family, and nutritional, values in this brief humorous ad.

Ameriquest - Robbery (02:51)

Ameriquest uses broad comedy to demonstrate that they wouldn't be quick to judge you, the consumer, if you showed up in their store.

Orange - Blackout (03:48)

Often a company wants their clients to identify with their brand as something beyond just the product they sell, and here Orange attempts to create that connection with this UK ad.

Soesman Language Institute - The English Language School (03:11)

A Dutch language school captured racy comic gold in a commercial that demonstrates why you need their services.

Assulted Women's Help Line - Names (02:49)

The power of words is demonstrated by taking away people's names in this PSA for a domestic abuse hotline.

Budweiser Beer - Whassup Wasabi (03:34)

The use of word-play comedy in the following commercial segment is one in a series of award-winning ads that Budweiser beer ran for several years.

Credits: Ad Persuasion - The English Language School (00:60)

Credits: Ad Persuasion - The English Language School

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The English Language School: Ad Persuasion

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Sometimes the power of the image is enough alone, but sometimes language is key. Communicating a message with words can be a slippery rope and several of the ads in this episode of Ad Persuasion take full advantage of that fact.

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