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Stella Artois Beer - The Skating Priests (03:45)


The makers of Stella Artois beer want the audience to know and believe that their product is so good that when deprived of it even the most saintly will go bad.

Nike - Musical Chairs (02:47)

The second dialogue-free ad for this episode is from Nike; who spared little expense in inviting 20,000 people to play musical chairs.

Sony - Cocoa (02:43)

Celebrity endorsements are a staple of the marketing industry, but electronics manufacturer Sony set themselves apart by having their celebrity pitchman not actually appear in their ad.

Sony Playstation PSP - A Day in the life (03:51)

For a new product launch Sony wanted the audience to see that they not only were pushing technology forward with their products, but also with their ads, as they said wordlessly in the following animation-laden spot.

Anti-Harrassment PSA - Dog (02:28)

PSA's are often very heavy-handed with their message delivery, but this next one offers a little comedy and a very excited dog.

Combos Pretzels - Video Game (03:05)

Combos pretzels ran a series of ads featuring a manly mother serving their snack as a whole meal, which allowed the junk food manufacturer a fun way to admit their snack isn't really that healthy but still tasty.

Credits: Ad Persuasion - Sony Commercial (01:01)

Credits: Ad Persuasion - Sony Commercial

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Sony Commercial: Ad Persuasion

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Everyone wants to have one and sometimes there's only one to have! Quiet conflict is the prevailing theme of this episode of Ad Persuasion where you'll see 1 PSA and 5 commericals, including 2 from electronics manufacturer Sony.

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