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Fox Sports - "Turkey (High Dive)" (03:19)


Fox Sports shows a Turkish sports commentator and a sport where people jump from a cliff to their death. Tagline: "Sports from the only region you care about. Yours." Experts note how the ad creates anticipation and reminds viewers of SportsCenter.

Vim "Prison Visitor" (03:01)

A girl talks to her mother across a glass pane, apparently in prison. The mother is cleaning the bathtub. The ad is inexpensive and shows that even bathroom cleaner ads can be creative.

Fusion One "Monkey" (02:58)

Fusion One synchronizes computers. Paramedics arrive too early and leave before the chimpanzee chops a man's arm off. Tagline: "Sync is everything." The ad doesn't make the solution clear. The confusion it creates is risky.

Tango "Bravo" (04:06)

Fruit bounces down a street; someone emerges from the pile of fruit, drinking a Tango. The ad is a parody of the Sony Bravia ad, shot with slow motion camera work. See clips from other Tango ads.

Ikea "It's Not a Mistake" (03:07)

A woman is frantic to go to Ikea's winter sale. Critics say the ad is overacted. Commercials for sales tend to be loud and aggressive. Ikea has done good ads, like "Lamb."

Solo Mobile "Fan Club" (02:43)

Girls stalk and kidnap their favorite boy musician using the Solo Mobile phone/walky talky. The dark themes will make adults uncomfortable, but the ad is targeted at teens.

Additional Resources & Credits: Walking While Inebriated (01:17)

Additional Resources & Credits: Walking While Inebriated

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Walking While Inebriated: Ad Persuasion

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Tom Mooney is the Keith Richards of advertising. He joins the show this week to give his opinion on the spots….and also demonstrates for our audience the best method of walking while inebriated. And he should know.

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