Segments in this Video

Coca Cola "What Goes Around" (04:32)


See a Coca Cola ad with a Jack White song about love, and strong imagery and visual technique, presenting an ideal world.

Maxell Cassettes "Israelites" (02:13)

On a Maxell Cassettes advertisement, a song plays. A man shows cards with words that sound like the lyrics, but are slightly misheard.

Volkswagen "Jaws" (02:15)

A Volkswagen ad features cartoon rabbits borrowed from an internet subculture, whose story is based on the movie "Jaws."

MTV "Beatbox Family" (03:55)

A boy arrives at his girlfriend's family's house; the rest of her family makes noises like a beatbox. The tagline is "Speak MTV."

Adidas "Impossible Field" (02:55)

An Adidas ad shows star soccer players on a field made of metal precipices suspended in air.

Sure for Men "Stunt City" (03:16)

A deodorant advertisement features superheroes performing stunts in ordinary life; they can do anything, because they are protected. The ad took off with viral marketing.

Additional Resources & Credits: The Coke Commercial (01:17)

Additional Resources & Credits: The Coke Commercial

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The Coke Commercial: Ad Persuasion

Part of the Series : Ad Persuasion
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Alternative Rock god Jack White, of the White Stripes, created a music video Coke commercial. See that ad and five others, with expert commentary, in this episode of Ad Persuasion.

Length: 22 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-60057-986-8

Copyright date: ©2007

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