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Peugot 1007 "Easy Life" (04:21)


An ad shows a man getting around everyday problems in fantastical ways, representing how easy the Peugot makes life. The ad uses graphics skillfully. It is artsy and unconventional; the target is young, hip professionals.

Bangkok Insurance "Tyre" (02:47)

A tire pops off a car, bounces around the freeway, and reattaches itself to the car wheel. This captures the product benefit without further explanation. Lacking voice-over, it did well at ad awards and with global audiences.

Purity "It All Begins" (03:11)

In a Purity baby food ad, a child fixates on becoming an astronaut, and succeeds. Experts discuss the risks and benefits of a slowly revealed story ambiguously related to the product.

Volkswagen "Snowplow" (02:23)

A snow plow man drives a Volkswagen in the snow. The reassuring voice-over conveys the brand message of reliability. Classic Volkswagen ads persuaded Americans to buy a small German car. Doyle Dane Bernbach brought wit and humor to advertising.

John West "Bear" (03:50)

In a National Geographic-like setting, a man boxes with a bear for salmon. The ad is for John West canned salmon. An animal trainer talks about how his work interacts with CGI.

Starburst "Factory" (02:45)

A factory worker drops his Starburst into a vat of liquid and reaches in, losing his arm. His and his coworker's casual reaction is a source of humor for the young target audience.

Additional Resources & Credits: Volkswagen's Snowplow (01:21)

Additional Resources & Credits: Volkswagen's Snowplow

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Volkswagen's Snowplow: Ad Persuasion

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One of the most famous commercials of all time is featured in this episode – Volkswagen’s classic ‘Snowplow’. Remembered and highly awarded for it’s simplicity, this spot is over 40 years old and asks the questions “How does the man who drives the snowplow, GET to the snowplow?” In a VW, of course.  Experts comment on this and five other ads.

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