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Adidas - Hello Tomorrow (04:21)


A visual feast from a powerful director can make a tremendous impact on the short subject that is a commercial. Adidas made a successful campaign using the talents of director Spike Jonze.

Olympus - Red Eyed Baby (02:53)

In a competitive market where there are many similar products vying for consumer attention ad memorability is paramount. Olympus made a comic stab with a creepy commercial and less than dedicated parents.

L'Equipe Sports - Little Boy (02:00)

A loyal consumer may not always be the best parent, or at least that's the message here. Once again, comedy prevails when parenting is involved in the following L'Equipe newspaper ad.

Miller Lite Beer - Man Laws (02:26)

Macho men have macho men laws, and Miller Lite wants you to remember that. Once again, saying nothing about their product, this star-studded commercial tries to wow you with it's cast of characters. But do some get lost in the fold?

Levi's Jeans - Creek (02:42)

Opposites often go well together. Levi's brings sex appeal into an add featuring an Amish family and two pairs of pants.

PSA Anti- Drinking and Driving (04:56)

Holsten Pils beer took a chance with an off color ad and comedian Denis Leary.

Credits: Ad Persuasion - Anti-Drinking Ad (00:60)

Credits: Ad Persuasion - Anti-Drinking Ad

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Anti-Drinking Ad: Ad Persuasion

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Opposites are pulled together to make a collection of memorable commercials from around the world in this episode of Ad Persuasion.

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