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Honda "Impossible Dream" (04:30)


An ad features a driver in Honda vehicles, on a quest, lip synching "Dream the Impossible Dream." The ad conveys the brand message and rewards rewatching.

Maytree Foundation "Cleaning Lady" (02:22)

A PSA critiques Canada for failing to provide opportunities for skilled immigrants; an immigrant MBA is stuck in a cleaning job, dispensing ignored advice. PSAs make ad agencies feel good, but this may not lead to effective advertisements.

BBC Radio1 "Waves" (03:11)

An ad for BBC radio is based entirely on special effects rather than any idea or dialogue. Radio1 targets a young audience, but advertisers trying too hard to be cool become uncool.

Danepak Bacon "The Andersons" (03:31)

An humorous ad features nudists relating Danepak bacon to their healthy, natural lifestyle. The choreography keeps private parts just barely hidden. The ad would be unlikely in America; learn about American TV nudity laws.

Whiskas "Hubert" (02:44)

A Whsikas cat food ad casts a man as a cat, gambling that the audience will understand the performance and finds stereotypical aloof cat behavior endearing. The actor makes it work, moving and acting like a cat.

Channel 4 "Iraq: The Bloody Circus" (02:42)

A bait-and-switch ad for the Iraq War documentary "The Bloody Circus" goes from scenes of military discipline to chaos and clown face soldiers. The ad uses jarring juxtaposition and confusion to draw in viewers.

Additional Resources & Credits: Act Like a Cat (01:18)

Additional Resources & Credits: Act Like a Cat

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Casting is one of the most important elements of a good commercial. And when you’re looking for a man who can act exactly like a cat, you can’t take any chances. The actor nails it in Whiskas ‘Hubert’ spot, featured in this episode. Experts comment on this and five other ads.

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