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Intro: Ad Persuasion - Bacardi (01:04)


This episode of Ad Persuasion features cohabiting monsters and men dancing poorly. All in the name of making you want what they have.

Hummer - Monster (04:11)

Automotive monster Hummer took their macho car, and turned out a heart-warming love story in the guise of a monster movie. This directly involves an emotional response to a product that does typically have emotional connotations.

Barcardi - No Bad Dancing (02:40)

Bacardi eschewed elitist luxury in the following ad in exchange for an inclusive campaign that virtually anyone can identify with. Once again a company is looking for an emotional connection without discussing the attributes of their product.

Pampers - Steps (02:28)

Another indirect marketing approach is to allow your commercial to ask questions. The questions can be answered or not, or as in this Pampers ad, direct the customer to turn to the company for dialogue.

Unilever - Lynx Jet (03:45)

A potentially shrewd approach with indirect ads is to make the commercial be the question and have the brand name be the answer. Again, this ad by Unilever is selling the Lynx brand without ever stating what the product is.

Think! PSA - 30 Mph for a Reason (03:22)

Public service announcements are also ads that often ask a question or propose an idea. This PSA from the UK attempts to frame a visceral reminder as to why some laws are the way they are.

Drinking and Driving PSA - Glasses (03:15)

A successful ad can be ran and re-ran for years if effective. A strong component of a successful commercial style can be one that "shows" the audience rather than one that "tells" the audience a message pedantically.

Credits: Ad Persuasion - Bacardi (00:60)

Credits: Ad Persuasion - Bacardi

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