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"Sheet Metal" (03:38)


Experts talk about Saturn's commercial replacing cars with people on streets and highways. It stands out from other car advertisements and emphasizes the human side of design.

"Animated" (02:27)

Experts criticize Sony Walkman's commercial featuring a woman in a robot world. Special effects are lacking and production for international markets has watered down creativity.

"Gay" (02:05)

Vodaphone's ten second commercial features a son coming out to his father, who responds with one word to save money. Experts agree that brevity is effective.

"Tiger's Head" (04:33)

Cinzano Wine's commercial, in which Joan Collins gets a drink spilled on her, represents British humor. Experts discuss stereotypes and intelligent dialogue. Collins recalls her experience filming the ad in a recent interview.

"Boyfriend" (02:46)

Experts find Mercator's ad off-putting and irrelevant to the brand. The home insurance company commercial features a man engaging in slovenly behavior that disgusts his girlfriend.

"Dance with your Feet" (04:00)

Energizer's ad implants the iconic bunny in viewers' subconscious. Experts discuss the strategy of parodying a film trailer.

Credits: Cinzano Wine (00:00)

Credits: Cinzano Wine

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Cinzano Wine: Ad Persuasion

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This episode of Ad Persuasion features Joan Collins’ comic role in Cinzano Wine’s ‘80s campaign. Every commercial ended with her getting a drink spilled on her, and she reflects on her experience in a recent interview. Advertising industry experts also analyze spots by Saturn (“Sheet Metal”), Sony Walkman (“Animated”), Vodaphone (“Gay”), Mercator (“Boyfriend”), and Energizer (“Dance with your Feet”) in terms of message, creativity, execution, and effectiveness at drawing in consumers.

Length: 22 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-60057-980-6

Copyright date: ©2007

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