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Ameriquest "Concert" (02:28)


A teen girl leans over the car window to get money from her father. Police arrive at this moment and think she is a prostitute. Tagline: "Don't Judge Too Quickly." The storytelling approach has merits, but the theme is risky.

Virgin Atlantic "How Deep is Your Love" (02:40)

Two male characters meet in a bar and marry; this proves to be a dream caused by uncomfortably tight quarters on an airplane. The South African ad would never fly in America.

Nike "Kid Tiger" (02:35)

A Nike ad shows Tiger Woods golfing as a child, superimposed with scenes and commentary from the Masters. The ad conveys aspirations and values, creating emotional connection.

Honda "Cog" (07:57)

A Honda ad shows Rube Goldberg-like mechanics and chain reactions of car parts. Car companies push ad agencies to show the car; creative ad agencies try to avoid this. Directors discuss the production and filming of the ad.

3 "Tupperzik" (03:31)

In a psychedelic ad, Asian women at a party get sexual satisfaction from the Orgasmopod, product from the multimedia outlet 3. Authorities bust the party but are themselves seduced.

Additional Resources & Credits: Honda Cog (01:16)

Additional Resources & Credits: Honda Cog

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Honda Cog: Ad Persuasion

Part of the Series : Ad Persuasion
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Honda ‘cog’ is a beautiful ballet of individual car parts, each demonstrating their efficiency. The commercial is a technical masterpiece, and took over 200 takes before they got the final shot. This film explains the technical achievement and explains what went into creating and filming the ad, and the relations between ad agencies and clients. It shows four other ads, several of them sexually suggestive and potentially controversial, and features expert commentary on the calculated risks they took.

Length: 22 minutes

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Copyright date: ©2007

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