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Wendy's "Where's The Beef?" (03:29)


Three old ladies receive a burger with huge bun; one demands, "Where's the Beef?" Director Joe Sedelmaier created ads with real people rather than actors. Advertisers became bolder about oddball humor.

Virgin Express "Singing" (02:30)

In a telethon spoof, Virgin Express employees treat passengers of other airlines as sympathetic figures. Richard Branson hands out money to such passengers to make up for their extra costs.

De Klant Eerst "Grocery Store" (02:17)

An ad for De Klant Eerst grocery store in Belgium features small animated creatures shopping there. Some experts dislike it; one defends it on grounds of cultural differences in humor.

Greenpeace PSA (04:43)

A Greenpeace advertisement depicts a fur coat fashion show. Blood splashes, representing the blood of animals. The ad was controversial but effective. Learn how to make special effects blood.

UFJ Securities "Partner" (02:28)

In a bank ad, bad guys surround two men; one of the men accidentally stabs his partner. The tagline: "a good partner is essential." Experts comment.

National Westminster Bank "It's A Doodle" (03:26)

In a British bank advertisement, a very eccentric punk thinks he must conform to open an account. His conformist efforts fail completely, but the bank does not care and gives him an account.

Additional Resources & Credits: Greenpeace PSA (01:32)

Additional Resources & Credits: Greenpeace PSA

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Greenpeace PSA: Ad Persuasion

Part of the Series : Ad Persuasion
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Greenpeace gave us one of the most famous PSA’s of all time. This episode features the gruesome anti-fur spot, along with an explanation of how to make special effects fake blood. The episode features five other attention-grabbing advertisements, along with expert commentary.

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