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Introduction: Ad Persuasion - Whopperettes (01:24)


In this episode of Ad Persuasion powerful images can often overpower the need for conversation. Stay and see Superbowl spots and Cannes Grand Prix winners.

Sony Bravia Television - Balls (04:45)

Sony produced a lengthy dialogue free ad that called for a lot of color and and garnered many awards. The end result was an elegant example of letting the imagery do all the talking.

BBC - Rush Hour (03:11)

Another dialogue-free commercial is the following visual feast from the BBC. It features parkour creator David Belle performing death-defying rooftop acrobatics.

Volkswagen - Crate (02:43)

Volkswagen chose to tease their own would-be buyers in an ad with Hollywood actor, Peter Stormare. They also chose to mock themselves a bit in this commercial while still maintaining their product's superiority.

Burger King - Whopperettes (02:50)

Following the "speechless" patterns of other advertisers in this program Burger King employed a mute mascot character for a long running series of ads. A Broadway-style musical spoof for the Superbowl boasted lots of voices but still featured him quietly standing by as always.

Rolo - Elephant (02:22)

A prize-winning commercial for Rolo chocolates from the 1990s is also low on dialogue. For this particular ad the Ad Persuasion panel asks, "Is it as good now as it was then?"

Braathens Safe Airlines - In Laws (03:21)

Another speech-free ad from Norway is once again focuses mainly on the composition of its images. This time it's a warning for those who have missed their commercials previously.

Credits: Ad Persuasion - Whopperettes (00:59)

Credits: Ad Persuasion - Whopperettes

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"Less is more" is a common mantra.  In this episode of Ad Persuasion, there's a trend of minimal to no-dialogue commercials or characters that use the power of well-executed imagery to sell their ideas. 

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