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Carlton Draught (03:25)


The Carlton Draught advertisement begins by emphasizing the company's epic scale; it shows masses of people forming the image of a person drinking beer.

Stella Artois (03:39)

See the surrealist cinema-based advertisement for premium beer maker Stella Artois. Experts comment on the unorthodox approach, and the message the ad conveys.

Pet Adoption PSA (03:03)

A woman rebuffs her husband's attempt to treat her like a pet. Tag line: "some things you can only do with a pet." Experts comment on the ad.

Wizar Home Loans (02:40)

A strange, unmanageable creature is a family's pet, representing the out of control mortgage. The owner finally spanks the beast. Experts comment on the ad and the "spank the beast" tagline.

Snickers (03:27)

In this ad, the mob is about to kill a king when someone persuades them they are just irritable and need a snack. Experts discuss the ad's insight and humor.

Public Service Announcement (03:24)

A UN commercial shows a landmine exploding at a youth soccer game. Experts discuss PSA's emotional appeal and whether this ad went too far. See a brief review of the commercials presented in this film.

Additional Resources & Credits: A Controversial PSA (01:01)

Additional Resources & Credits: A Controversial PSA

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A Controversial PSA: Ad Persuasion

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A controversial public service announcement shows what might happen if there were land mines in the U.S.A. This commercial stirred up a lot of opinions and left many wondering if the PSAs have become too shocking? This film examines the public service nnouncement  and advertistments from Carlton Draught, Stella Artois, Wizar Home Loans, and Snickers.

Length: 22 minutes

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