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Microsoft Xbox 360 - Jump In (02:45)


When "hard-sell" direct marketing campaigns don't work to move a product a "soft sell" campaign suggests a message or a lifestyle. Sometimes the message and the product being sold don't add up. Did Microsoft make the right choice with this visually compelling ad?

Apple iPod - Dance (02:33)

Often an ad that is considered a masterpiece of simplicity requires a tremendous amount of thought, design, and excellence in technical execution. Apple has utilized this approach for many years to great success, including this commercial for their iPod music player.

Reebok - Terry Tate: Office Linebacker (03:37)

Commercials that appear on the Superbowl face very difficult competition for audience attention. Reebok scored a winner with this football-themed ad.

United Airlines - Dragon (03:35)

In a highly competitive market a company can choose to focus on price or quality of experience. United Airlines focused on an emotional and adventurous theme to sell to businessmen who are also family men.

Anti-Tobacco PSA - Fair Enough: Urban Hipster (04:18)

PSA's often use scare tactics and "don't do it" messages to influence audiences. The "Fair Enough" tried a lighter, but still honest approach in the guise of a TV sitcom.

Maxell - Blown Away (02:29)

Memorable ideas in commercials can often outlast the validity of the product they're selling. Maxell created an exceptional ad for a product whose lifespan dissolved at the beginning of the 21st century.

Credits: Ad Persuasion - Anti-Tobacco PSA's (01:01)

Credits: Ad Persuasion - Anti-Tobacco PSA's

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Anti-Tobacco PSA's: Ad Persuasion

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In the world advertising the "hard sell" states the obvious details about a product.  The "soft sell" approach instead brings you a message or an idea, and the following episode of Ad Persuasion brings you a collection of memorable "soft sell" ads.

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