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"Mean Joe Green" (03:49)


In 1979, Coke and Pepsi engaged in a cola war. Experts talk about what made Coca-Cola's ad featuring football star Joe Green and a young fan an instant classic.

"Golf" (01:35)

View Viagra's commercial featuring two elderly men discussing their sex lives. Experts talk about the strategy of using censorship to engage viewer imagination.

"Noitulove" (02:46)

The 2005 Cannes Award Show Grand Prix prize went to Guinness for their reverse evolution commercial. Some experts believe the idea is better than the production value.

"Tantrum" (01:53)

Zazoo Condoms' advertisement features a father paralyzed by his son's supermarket behavior. Experts discuss its polarizing subject matter; some find the message generic.

Creative Strategy (02:11)

Advertising veteran Tom Mooney discusses what makes a good commercial and talks about coming up with ideas. He believes the industry should try harder to retain television audiences.

"Kipper" (03:12)

Experts talk about Lego's commercial featuring progressively complex creatures. It appeals to the viewer's imagination and uses an engaging voice over.

"Worms" (03:43)

A Unif Green Tea ad blends Thai humor, myth, and mysticism. Experts are divided on its idea, execution, and cultural interpretation.

Credits: Guinness Noitulove (01:01)

Credits: Guinness Noitulove

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Guinnes Noitulove: Ad Persuasion

Part of the Series : Ad Persuasion
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This episode of Ad Persuasion showcases Guinness’ Cannes Grand Prix Award winning commercial Noitulove (Evolution spelled backwards), featuring outstanding special effects. Advertising experts also analyze spots by Coca-Cola, Viagra, Zazoo Condoms, Lego, and Unif Green Tea in terms of message, creativity, execution, and effectiveness at drawing in consumers. This film also features an interview with industry veteran Tom Mooney.

Length: 22 minutes

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Copyright date: ©2007

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