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"FIFA WWC" (03:04)


This film will examine six CLIO Award winning ads. View a 2003 Adidas commercial in which the Chinese women's soccer team uses martial arts to challenge the U.S. team. Experts discuss metaphors and compare the company's advertising to Nike.

"Mayfly" (03:05)

View a Vodaphone commercial using an insect to send the message to seize the day. Experts appreciate its creativity but think it is lost on the mobile phone market.

"Lamp" (03:39)

View Spike Jonze's IKEA commercial in which viewers are made to empathize with an old lamp. Experts discuss how criticizing consumers for being pack rats makes it successful—without special effects.

"Mountain" (04:17)

The gaming industry is now more lucrative than Hollywood. Experts talk about the polarizing aspects of PlayStation's commercial that features a human mountain and encourages viewers to play online.

"Office" (03:58)

Learn about digital technology used to produce Sony PlayStation's "Mountain" commercial. View Special K's ad featuring a woman's internal monologue. Experts discuss how it targets women's insecurities about their body image.

"Brains & Faggots" (02:54)

Experts analyze a 1980s commercial for an English frozen food product in terms of American and British cultural differences.

Credits: The Ikea Lamp (01:02)

Credits: The Ikea Lamp

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The Ikea Lamp: Ad Persuasion

Part of the Series : Ad Persuasion
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This episode of Ad Persuasion features one of the most famous commercials to come out of the recent past—Ikea’s ‘Lamp’. Directed by Spike Jonze ("Being John Malcovich"), it received the Grand Prix at the Cannes International Lions awards. Advertising industry experts also analyze spots by Adidas (“FIFA WWC”), Vodaphone (“Mayfly”), Sony Playstation (“Mountain”), Special K (“Office”), and Brains (“Brains & Faggots”) in terms of message, creativity, execution, and effectiveness at drawing in consumers.

Length: 23 minutes

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