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Types of Bullying (01:10)


Bullying is more common in the workplace than at schools. It is ongoing, by the same person, and can be physical or verbal.

Is Undermining Bullying? (01:15)

Continual criticizing of a co-worker behind her back, like bullying, is an issue that should be addressed and not tolerated in the workplace.

Bullying by Text and Email (02:11)

Sadhana Smiles cites a situation when a CEO was sent a criticizing text. This may be a sign of lack of respect and professionalism within the organization.

Bullying Phone Calls (01:41)

Smiles offers advice to anyone receiving more than one criticizing phone call from the same person within a short period of time.

Responding to Bullying (02:31)

As the victim of bullying begins to doubt herself her job performance suffers. Smiles suggests alerting management rather than confronting the bully. Eve Ash offers an opposing view.

Discussing the Problem (01:58)

Smiles advises the workplace victim of bullying to keep it between herself and the management. Going public can negatively affect her future career.

Zero Tolerance (01:20)

Bullying should be clearly addressed in company policy with an understanding that it is not acceptable at any level.

Training and Documention (01:50)

Training helps teach employees, at every level, professional ways to offer performance feedback. Documentation of bullying should be clear, factual, and non-emotional.

Facts Provide Insight (01:11)

Documenting at the onset of suspected bullying will help a victim see her situation minus any emotion and aid in determining a pattern of abuse.

The Bully (01:48)

Smiles lists the common characteristics of a bully. She advises against speaking to one on her level, but rather alerting management to the problem.

Take Action (01:21)

Ash and Smiley agree that it may be best for a bully victim to seek employment at a company with a zero tolerance policy.

Credits: Bullying Even at the Top (00:09)

Credits: Bullying Even at the Top

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Motivational speaker and psychologist, Eve Ash and businesswoman Sadhana Smiles discuss strategies for tackling bullying at senior levels of the workplace. Bullying can be verbal and/or physical, direct or indirect, and come in various forms such as text, email, and phone calls or messages. Hear practical advise for responding to bullying, chronicling occurances, and presenting documentation to HR or management. 

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